Gwyneth Paltrow Heats Up Mexico In A Teeny Nude Bikini

Gwyneth Paltrow has been busy promoting her new film, “Mortdecai‎,” but it seems the actress is finally finding some time to unwind.

The 42-year-old looked relaxed as she strolled on the beach in Mexico over the weekend. Paltrow sported a ruffled nude bikini and a pair of aviator shades:

gwyneth paltrow

Paltrow, who is on vacation in celebration of socialite Crystal Lourd’s 50th birthday, shared some interesting anecdotes about her other “famous friends” in a recent Howard Stern interview.

“My best famous friend is Cameron Diaz, and Jay and Beyonce,” she told the radio host. “I met Jay first at a benefit in New York probably, I think I had had my daughter but not my son yet. And we all became friends. I normally don’t [become friends with famous people] but in that particular case, Chris [Martin] and Jay, we all just kind of [vibed] … They’re the greatest people. They’re funny and sweet and they’re self-aware and they’re really intelligent,” Paltrow said.

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