Guy Maddin’s Forbidden Room

Ariane Labed by Kim Morgan

The Forbidden Room.

Here’s on-set pictures I took just about three years ago in Paris while working on what would become Guy Maddin’s The Forbidden Room (co-directed by Evan Johnson) soon to be seen at Sundance and Berlin. These pictures are from the project, then called Spiritismes, shot at the Centre Pompidou, which I wrote about here and here. For me, it all started in July 2010, appearing in what was called Hauntings (during that time I also co-wrote with Guy and starred opposite a white wolf in our short/installation project, Bing & Bela.) It then grew and changed (as outlined in this interview with Guy) and has shaped into a feature film. I was happy to take part as additional story writer and actress. Here’s the official wesbite with more information to follow. 

  Adèle Haenel and Charlotte Rampling by Kim Morgan

This has been a long journey (for this writer and contributor, since 2010) for all involved and quite meaningful, in many, many ways, for me. 

Here’s more of my photos. Click on the pictures for larger images.

Adèle Haenel by Kim Morgan

Christophe Paou by Kim Morgan

Charlotte rampling shoes photo by Kim Morgan

 Maria de Medeiros and kid by Kim Morgan

Slimane Dazi by Kim Morgan

Charlotte rampling photo by Kim Morgan

Mathieu Amalric by Kim Morgan

Udo Kier gun photo by Kim Morgan

Adèle Haenel by Km Morgan

Udo Kier directed by Guy Maddin by Kim Morgan

Jacques Nolot by Km Morgan

Charlotte Rampling and Adèle Haenel by Kim Morgan

Ariane Labed and Geraldine Chaplin photo by Kim Morgan

Charlottle Rampling on phone photo by Kim Morgan

Udo Kier eye photo by Kim Morgan

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