Fred Finn Claims To Be The World's Most Traveled Person

You may think you’ve traveled a lot, but no one — literally, no one — has traveled as much by air as 74-year-old Fred Finn, at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s visited 150 countries and now, fittingly, holds the title of “most air miles flown by a person.”

On Monday, Finn spoke with HuffPost Live about how he’s come to spend 16 million miles — and countless hours — up in the friendly skies.

“I was commuting when I lived in New York across the Atlantic every week for about four years,” the Brit recounted. “Eventually Concorde came out, and I took its first flight out of Washington, which meant I could connect in Nairobi or Singapore on the same day and do that same trip in nine hours instead of 18.”

The international businessman used to have “three passports attached to each other,” all with valid visas stamps, but today only carries a U.S. and British passport — and oftentimes asks to forego stamps to save space.

“I live most of my time in the Ukraine,” he said. “The longer I can hang onto one passport, the better.”

Additionally, Finn claims to be “the number one writer on TripAdvisor,” with “like 43,000 followers.” Contributing to the travel site is a way for him to capitalize on his extensive experience discovering new lands, something he considers to be a priority in all of his travels.

“Every country I’ve been to, I’ve actually either worked in or stayed there,” he explained. “I think layovers in airports are hardly business in the country. You’ve gotta go out into the country and see it to say that you’ve been there.”

fred finn

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