Dorota From 'Gossip Girl' Was On Last Night's 'Girls'

Sunday night’s episode of “Girls” provided a lot of seemingly meta commentary on Lena Dunham and the reactions critics have to the personal nature of her work, but few puns. That’s too bad, since Dorota from “Gossip Girl” was one of the guest stars.


Dorota, whose real name is Zuzanna Szadkowski, plays Priya on the new season of “Girls,” a classmate of Hannah’s at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Here was her take on Hannah’s first story: “It’s about a really privileged girl deciding she’s going to let someone abuse her.”

Image: Ask Dorota

During the episode, the official “Girls” Twitter account gave Szadkowski a plug befitting her status as a “Gossip Girl” alum:

Szadkowski, who has also appeared on “Elementary” and “The Knick,” was pleased:


Image: ET Online

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