Don’t Wish. Do.

George Clooney’s acceptance speech upon receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at last night’s Golden Globe Awards had everyone talking this morning. The women I listened to were wishing more guys were like him, while the guys were mostly wishing he hadn’t set the bar so high, as they’ll never be able to reach it. It’s great when someone sets an example for the rest of us, but it also got me thinking about why we are always wishing and not just doing.

I decided to think about what I can do and not just freak out about the Clooney bar. This is what I came up with and want to share. How difficult is it to do this?

To my wife Lori:

I don’t tell you this often enough, but you mean the world to me. You’ve loved me in the good times and the not-so-good times. When I told you I couldn’t return to the the career I once had and was successful in, you supported me financially and emotionally. I know it wasn’t always easy for you, and the sacrifices you made by changing your lifestyle have made me love you more than you will ever know. I am committed to telling you how special you are to me with my words and my actions. My heart was once broken, and after I thought I had fixed it, you showed me how full it could be. Your smile and laugh brings warmth to my heart. I wouldn’t be the person I am without you, as together we have become stronger, both as a couple and individually. You agreed to move to New York when I had a chance to pursue my dream job. You left your family and friends to join me and put up with a place you didn’t want to be, for us. You are selfless with your love. You have given in more ways than I could imagine. As the years go by, our age is only a number, as your beauty has me mesmerized every morning when I awake and see you sleeping next to me. You fulfill me as a person. I love you.


I don’t share this to compare myself to George Clooney, especially in the looks department. I share it because as I was talking with my friends about how wonderful his acceptance speech was, I was reminded that I don’t tell my wife things like this enough. I could have gone on with my day, and the news would have died down, and everything would have remained the same. But I didn’t. I was inspired and shown hope by George’s speech and the words to his wife, and even more so by the reaction that so many people had to them. That hope let me know that I could step out and share my feelings for someone I love. I could change the fact that I don’t tell her how much I love her nearly often enough. I could do something that lets her know how I really feel. I could stop wishing for something to change and just do it.

My question to you is: Did you feel moved and inspired by George’s acceptance speech? Are you still wishing you had what it takes to share such words with your loved one? Don’t wish. Do.

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