Cowboys Fan Predicted Super Bowl Win With Tattoo And Is Now Keeping It Anyway


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Back in August, Dallas Cowboys fan Derek Allgood got a tattoo on his right arm predicting that his team would win the NFL Super Bowl in 2015. Unfortunately for Allgood, although his team made it to the playoffs this year, the Cowboys were eliminated by the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, Jan. 11, after a controversial call in the last quarter.

The Huffington Post reached out to the tattoo artist, Terry Boren, who gave Allgood the design at Skorpian Ink Tattoo in Universal City, Texas. Boren explained that he has been tattooing Allgood for awhile and has known him for a couple years, but this job was both out of the ordinary and unexpected. Allgood had initially been coming in for something more low-key when a friend escalated the appointment:

[Laughs] he came to me and said, “I want a dallas cowboys tattoo,” which I was good with. [Laughs] We’re getting ready to start and a friend of his just said, “You know, why don’t you put ‘World Champs 2015’ on that?” And I’m going, “Naw, man. Come on, that’s a little much.” But I probably asked him at least 87 times whether he really wanted that on there about the time I was starting, because I had to start from the bottom up at the 2015. I was just asking him over and over just to make sure.

Since Allgood occasionally promotes Boren’s work, the tattoo only cost “around $100.” Allgood has a radio show called The Billy Madison Show and is a bit of a “celebrity” around the area. The antics of Allgood’s radio co-hosts have ended up the show “Tosh.O” on Comedy Central.

Boren hasn’t heard from Allgood since the game, but has listened to the radio show where Allgood has “been whining about it.” Boren, who typically does tattoos such as recreations of Picassos and Dalis and not NFL tattoos, but will “give anybody what they want if they’re willing to pay the price,” said while laughing, “I do need to send him a text to come see me.”

HuffPost reached out to Allgood, but did not immediately receive a response.

An initial tweet back in August from Allgood recommending Boren:

Allgood after the Cowboys were eliminated:

Making a joke about the NO RAGRETS tattoo from “We’re the Millers”:

Sharing a meme about his tattoo:

Later, Allgood shared a picture of the tattoo in its current state:

So, will Allgood edit the tattoo now that the Cowboys have been elimated? “He has stated explicitly that he does not want to change that tattoo, he wants to leave it,” Boren said. Boren has also proposed adding coloring or alterations, “But nope, he wants to leave it.”

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