Chris Pratt’s Polite 2-Year-Old Could Teach Us All A Thing Or Two About Manners

Chris Pratt wears many hats — actor, superhero, “#2 Sexiest Man Alive.” But perhaps his most relatable role is that of dad to 2-year-old Jack. During his “Ellen Show” appearance on Wednesday, the “Parks and Recreation” star took some time to talk about his experiences with fatherhood.

After sharing some seriously aww-worthy photos of Jack, the actor explained how difficult it is to discipline his uber-polite and vocal toddler.

“It’s super frustrating because you’re like, ‘Alright, now. Jack, I think it’s time for bed,’ and he’ll say, ‘Hm, I thought about it and no thanks, dad, not right now,’ and I’m like, ‘He’s so polite! What am I supposed to do?'”

The proud dad said he’s quite impressed by his son’s development, vehemently agreeing with Ellen when she suggested that Jack might be a genius. “He’s really smart and vocal,” Pratt said, adding, “He says amazing things, profound things.”

Recalling a recent conversation he had with Jack, Pratt shared an anecdote from their holiday visits with relatives. “I said, ‘You know, Jack, there’s a lot of people here and it’s very loud and people are going to be having a lot of fun and there might even be some tension.’ And he just said, ‘It’s family.'”

“I almost started crying,” Pratt said. “He’s like my therapist.”

From what we’ve seen, Chris Pratt might just be one of the sweetest Hollywood dads around.

H/T Jezebel

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