Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

(Winter Springs, Fl)  We all know a little bit about our heritage as well as ethnicity, it’s something that we share with our parents and siblings. When you find others that share the same ethnicity as you, you have something in common, which supplies as a great conversation starter.

This past weekend, January 17th – 18th, I had the pleasure to attend The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games.  This is where people of the same Scottish decent and anyone who like the Scottish culture gather together for a common interest. The Scottish Highland Games are filled with history, bag pipes, music, beer, dancing, archery and so much more. The smell of some the food is very interesting, not our usual burgers and fries, incredibly different from what I’m used to. Something that I found interesting and entertaining is the Scottish Highland Dancing. All of the dancers are at ease and they make the dance seem easy. Even though there must have been many hours of practice to make it look just right it is great to see. The dance and what they were dancing to is so different. It is cool to see a different type and style of dance.  All of the people we met had the nicest personality, and the interviewees were very kind to let us ask them a few questions about there experience at this event. This year, 2015, is The central Florida Scottish Highland games 38th year in letting people come together and be around people who love Scotland as much as you do. Even though I’m not Scottish or from Scottish decent, I had a great time learning a new culture that had a part in making America they way it is today.

By Brianna Hope Beaton

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