Canada Celebrates the 'Double-Double' at the First Tim Hortons Store and Museum!

Canadians are serious about their coffee, especially Tim Hortons coffee. Being a Canadian who grew up in Ontario, I’ve had a more double-double's than I could possibly count. That’s why I was exited to hear that the world’s very first Timmy’s in Hamilton is turning their 50 years of history into a commemorative museum, complete with retro coffee cups! 



The grand opening of the Tim Hortons museum debuted last week with loads of happy Canucks lining up to grab coffee served in retro cups, Timbits, and even throwback donuts… remember the "wedge?" The location — don't worry it's still remaining an active store — is now attached the historical museum, so guests can grab an Ice Cap and take a wander down memory lane.  


Situated at the corner of Ottawa St. North and Dunmore, the big event was celebrated with a ribbon cutting by Teri Horton-Joyce (Tim Hortons daughter,) and Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger. Local hockey team players were present to sign autographs, eat coffee, donuts, and spread some Canadian pride! 


With over 4,000 in Canada alone, and many more popping up here in the states, I might be biased, but Timmy’s really does have one of the best cups of joe around. 



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