Bruins' Zdeno Chara Knocks Down Player With Just 1 Punch

Even hockey tough guys should know not to tangle with a 6-foot-9, 255-pound opponent.

Cedric Paquette, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, exchanged shoves with the redwood-sized Zdeno Chara, of the Boston Bruins, Tuesday night. Chara threw one punch. Down went Paquette.

Deadspin reported that Paquette — no Lilliputian himself at 6-foot-1, 198 pounds — took umbrage at Chara’s aggressive play against one of his Lightning teammates, so he confronted the Bruin.

chara punch

“I don’t know what that kid was thinking. You don’t mess with Zee,” the Bruins’ Brad Marchand told the Boston Globe.

In a game last April, Chara — the tallest player in the National Hockey League — used his reach advantage to famously toy with Red Wings player Brendan Smith before officials intervened.

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