Argentina Samba School Pays Dazzling Tribute To Pope

GUALEGUAYCHU, Argentina (AP) — A samba school has organized an unusual show to honor Pope Francis during the opening of a hugely popular carnival in Argentina.

pope francis

The troupe Ara Yevi combined characters dressed as the pope or angels with scantily clad female dancers in its homage to the Argentine-born pontiff when the carnival opened Saturday in Gualeguaychu, about 230 kilometers (about 140 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.

pope francis The 300-member Ara Yevi group is performing with two other schools during the carnival through Feb. 28. Some 400,000 visitors are expected.

pope francis

Four floats represent different aspects of the pope’s background: his arrival at the Vatican, his love of soccer, the tango, and his earlier work in shantytowns. On one float, a huge dove of peace looms above the pope and world.

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