A Private Chef Spills The Secret Eating Habits Of The Rich And Famous

If you’re rich and famous, nothing about your vacation is ordinary — especially the food. Celebrities often have personal chefs practically chained to the kitchens of their amazing holiday rentals so that every whim, craving, and food fantasy can be met.

One A-list chef living on a tropical island has seen it all. Faced with demanding divas and indecisive stoners, his impressive resume and years of training at a 3-star restaurant have been put to the test. Sometimes, they let him take the reins and create masterpieces, but other times, they’re very specific.

“Someone once had a last-minute request for wild boar,” he told The Huffington Post, “but since it’s illegal to sell on the island, the only way to get it is to hunt it yourself and, yeah. We didn’t have enough notice for that.”

The chef asked that he not be named in order to protect his relationship with his clients, whose names have also been withheld. But we can dish out some of the recipes he puts together — and the stories that come with them — so we, too, can eat like superstars.

Her diet requires no meat, dairy or salt, and everything has to be gluten free.

Chef says: “A lot of celebrities are used to getting things when they want and how they want — they don’t really have any consideration for how much work goes into preparing a meal. Sometimes they’ll change their minds right after we’ve finished prepping a meal for hours and we’ll have to start over. But we don’t really have a say in it. We’re here to please.”

Chef will make: Vegetable Tofu Coconut Curry with Jasmine Rice


He’s really good at making music, but horrible at choosing what to eat. He spends most of his time indoors smoking weed and listening to his own music. He tells the chef that he only likes “basic food,” but has a hard time explaining what that means.

Chef says: Instead of exploring the beautiful island around them, many of the celebrities who employ him wind up staying within their luxurious vacation homes all day. “They choose these really fancy homes because they spend all their time there avoiding paparazzi,” he said. “For more privacy, some people even request food they can reheat themselves so my staff doesn’t actually have to be there when they eat it.”

Chef will make: BBQ Pork Ribs and Rainbow Chard


They rage all day and night and have an in-house bartender. They’re impulsive and change their minds at the very last minute.

Chef says: During one of his gigs, the chef would return to the kitchen every morning to find cigarette and joint butts in bowls where he had kept prepped food. “Rude clients are relatively rare,” he said. “But on a couple of occasions, I’ve had the entourage be more rude than the actual celebrity. The worst part is when they show that they don’t care for us or what we’re doing for them.”

Chef will make: Gourmet Pizza Buffet with Homemade Dough

Make the homemade pizza…

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