A Blizzard Couldn’t Stop These People From Helping Those In Need

For some New Yorkers, Monday’s blizzard conditions meant braving the cold for the sake of others who needed some help.

Although the winter storm fell short of historic expectations when it blew through New York City on Monday night, it did blanket the five boroughs with 7 to 9 inches of snow and created plenty of dangerous winds. While many New Yorkers were curled up under blankets waiting for the storm to pass, several organizations were hard at work, helping bring food, warmth and shelter to those who could use it most.

Here are four groups that were helping vulnerable residents get through Monday night safely:

Coalition for the Homeless

feeding homeless blizzard
Volunteers pass out food and winter clothing items to the needy on Monday night. Photo: Juan De La Cruz

Coalition for the Homeless helps those in need every day, and Monday night was no different.

In addition to milk, bread, oranges and other food items it hands out to homeless people during its evening routes throughout the city, the coalition brought blankets, sleeping bags and other winter apparel items for those in need in preparation of the storm.

“Regardless of the weather, we are out and about,” Juan De La Cruz, program manager of the coalition’s Grand Central Food Program, told The Huffington Post.

De La Cruz said he and his volunteers were fortunate — a donation of 3,000 socks was given to the organization on Friday, and he planned to use the donation to help keep people warm as the blizzard struck.

The Grand Central Food Program provides about 1,000 meals a night during its routes throughout Manhattan and the Bronx. Learn more here.

God’s Love We Deliver

God’s Love We Deliver — founded in 1985 to help those in New York City living with HIV/AIDS — delivers nutritious meals to anyone with a chronic or critical illness who is too sick to cook or leave their homes to shop for food.

On Monday, drivers left to drop off meals earlier than usual to stay ahead of the harsh weather, the organization said in a statement to HuffPost. And while the storm prevented the organization from making deliveries on Tuesday, it made sure to drop off emergency “blizzard boxes” — filled with nonperishable food items, like granola bars, cans of tuna and water — to clients in outlying and hard-to-reach regions of the city the day prior.
Learn more here.

Bowery Mission

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