8 Reasons to Be Scared of Foreign Grocery Stores

1. Turnstiles

I don’t understand why because you don’t have to pay to enter or anything, but now you can’t get out until you buy stuff and go through the check out. What if you forgot your wallet in the car? What if one of the bambini escapes? What if there’s a fire? What if it turns out they don’t actually sell Funions here and you just need to freaking leave? What if someone just outside is handing out free baby dolphins? THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA, FOREIGN GROCERY STORES.


2. Price your own produce

Basically every time you get a veggie or some fruit you have to bring it over to the little scale and punch in the associated number and weigh it and it’ll print you a little scan out sticker. Okay, not so bad. Except there’s one scale, maybe two, and a bajillion people who all apparently need every type of produce available. NO ONE LIKES BEETS THAT MUCH, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.


3. Stray carts

People just leaving their full carts all willy-nilly about the store like it’s no big deal. Like I legit watched people pull up to a section and leave the cart and go get each thing they need from that section one at a time and bring it back to the cart instead of bringing the cart with them. You know it has wheels? Theory: someone is avoiding going home to the kids after a long day. Okay, understandable.

grocery cart

4. Hustling shoppers

Being surrounded by a fast-paced crowed filled with “excuse me’s” and “sorry’s” and “I need to get through’s” is not a foreign concept… however… now it’s not in your language. Welcome to the most horrifyingly intense language immersion class ever.


5. Bags are not free



6. Misleading American brand labels

Peanut butter is not this. Don’t know what this is. Just know it is not peanut butter.


7. Exchange rate

Congratulations on having no flipping idea how much money you just actually spent.

leo money

8. But wait, where are the kale chips?

Dove sei, kale chips? Mio amore…

sassy gay friend

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So how much peanut butter will you pack?

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