7 Annoying People You Should Never Invite To Your Super Bowl Party

We all know people who no one seems to want around at a party. And with Super Bowl parties happening all over the country this Sunday, it’s important to know who you should and — most importantly — SHOULD NOT invite to your Super Bowl party.

The person who never chips in for food or alcohol.
Alcohol and food are expensive, especially when you’re stocking for an entire party of people. Throwing a few dollars to the host once and while wouldn’t kill you, would it?

The person who can’t really handle their alcohol.
Listen, I know you just got dumped, but that doesn’t make this a therapy session for you. It’s important to maintain some dignity and allow the rest of us to have a good time. Seriously, bro, you’re a buzzkill.

The person who doesn’t know when to leave after the party’s over.
Seriously, take the hint. Everyone is gone. We’re trying to go to bed. Hit the road. Looking at you, Greg. Overstayed your welcome just a little bit late last year.

The person who double dips and generally turns into a slob.
Is this the greatest party atrocity? No. But it’s still kind of gross. And if someone calls you out on it, don’t get defensive. Like with this Greg guy, I told him quietly not to double dip, and what does he do? He gets a plate and hordes half the dip for himself. Who does that?

The person doesn’t seem to want to return the seasons of Dexter I leant him at the LAST Super Bowl party. Greg.

I get the urge to watch Dexter all the time but can’t because you have my discs and you probably haven’t even watched it yet because you won’t stop crying about “Parenthood” ending.

The person who spends the entire party hitting on my girlfriend. GREG.

It was such a dick move and actually super noticeable last year, dude. Becky was just trying to be nice, and when you gave her those awkward forced hugs, she was giving the rest of us an uncomfortable creeped-out face behind your back. Cut that shit out.

The person who’s name is Greg and is dumb and shouldn’t be invited to any Super Bowl parties EVER.

THIS guy.

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