50 Years Of Glam From His Holiness David Bowie, In A Single GIF

Last week marked David Bowie’s 68th birthday, so naturally there’s an animated GIF circling the internet that chronicles the most glam of rockers and his many, many makeovers.

Twenty-two-year-old Helen Green is the brilliant mind behind this moving masterpiece, chronicling every single one of Bowie’s iconic looks from 1964 to 2014. There are mullets, there are eye patches, there are baby scarves, there are fake moles, there are perms. There are so many high cheek bones.


“In celebration of David Bowie’s birthday this month, I created a little animated portrait of Bowie through the years,” Green wrote to The Huffington Post, “in appreciation of his mesmerizing evolution and reinvention.” May Bowie keep revamping his look for fifty years to come. Happy belated birthday, beautiful!

h/t ThisIsColossal

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