5 Books We Wish Mark Zuckerberg Would Read

Like everyone in the book business, we at Amazon think it’s great when a new public book club joins the party. And when Mark Zuckerberg came out with his first pick — Moisés Naim’s The End of Power — we were thrilled to think readers would get to meet even more writers they might not otherwise have known. But since this is what we editors at Amazon do every day — conduct reader/writer match-ups — we thought we’d make some suggestions to the Facebook co-founder for future picks. Hey, Mark, what about these titles?

We’re pretty sure you’ve already read Lean In — who hasn’t? — but Diane Von Furstenberg’s The Woman I Wanted to Be about being a woman in business before Sheryl Sandberg could read — is also plenty enlightening.

Nobody’s saying Dave Eggers’ The Circle depicts life at Facebook — it’s rumored, in fact, to be a look at another Internet giant — but we’d love to know how you’d view the view of the competition.

Speaking of the Internet, we can’t help wondering what you’ll make of the brand new treatise on the topic, The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen.

You’re not that long out of Harvard, right? So maybe you’d “get” this book on a personal level. The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs is a memoir about two young men who took different paths both to and from Yale.

One could argue that you’re something of a cultural anthropologist, studying the social behavior of the human tribe. Why not read a novel — Euphoria by Lily King — based on the life of another anthropologist who started with the natives of Papua, New Guinea?

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