23 Gorgeous Aerial Photographs to Help Put Things in Perspective

It’s easy to lose perspective in our day-to-day. To get stuck in the minutia and forget that we’re part of something much bigger called the Earth, which is part of something much bigger called the solar system, which is part of something MUCH bigger called the Milky Way galaxy… you get the picture.

But while the vastness of the universe is difficult to truly capture in a photograph, the vastness of our little pale blue dot is a bit easier to place in perspective given some help from an airplane, helicopter, or hot air ballon.

Each of the 23 images below from the 500px Prime archives does just that: puts things in perspective. Or, if you prefer a less philosophical approach to your photography, they’re very pretty pictures taken from high up. Either way, we hope you enjoy!
























For more info on the collection above, just give the link below your favorite photos a click. And if you’d like to browse through more awe-inspirig aerial photography, click here.

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