19 Taylor Swift Fans Just Cracked Eggs On Their Heads Because Taylor Swift

In today’s edition of “Taylor Swift Fans Are Super Amazing and Dedicated,” 19 Swifties just cracked eggs on their heads because the one and only T-Swift followed them on Tumblr.

Not only did they crack the eggs on their heads, they recorded the act in an adorable video set to Swift’s “Wonderland.” Watch below:


In response to the egging, Ms. Swift herself responded:

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAGAHFVJJHHBFBFFHHJNGF/ MY STOMACH HURTS FROM THE LOLZ/ you didn’t have to do it but I’m so glad you did. These are 19 of the cutest people I’ve ever seen.”

Kinda gross that they had to get yolk on them and everything, but it’s okay — we’re sure they’ll just shake it off.

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