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18 Essential Keys to Create Your Abundant Life


Here are some qualities to consider to create greater abundance:

1. Take personal responsibility — “I create my own reality.”

2. Commitment to your daily money health — this can include looking money in the eyes every day, managing your money mindset, matching your spending to your values.

3. Commitment to your daily physical health — this includes exercise, drinking water, rest.

4. Commitment to your daily emotional health — this includes compassion for yourself, and loving yourself no matter what.

5. Create clarity on what you DO want — this allows the universe to become clear on what to bring to you.

6. Daily focus on what you DO want (not on what you don’t want) — energy always follows intent.

7. Become a creative visionary — having a bigger “why” for your money gives you passion and purpose to generate more

8. Replace judgment of yourself and others with acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

9. Celebrate success of yourself and others — we attract what we project out.

10. Surround yourself with positive people, images, activities.

11. Be willing to RECEIVE — which includes dropping defenses and being open to be vulnerable.

12. Be grateful for what you have — a daily gratitude practice can help you attract more abundance.

13. View challenges as temporary and as soil to grow (also know that challenges lead to mastery, including money mastery).

14. Be kind, to yourself and to others.

15. Accept what is, even if you don’t like your present reality. Acceptance creates a spaciousness that allows for positive change to occur.

16. Have sound money management — when you demonstrate that you can handle more, more is provided

17. Take action in spite of fear — thinking your way to abundance isn’t the same as taking aligned action toward the same goal.

18. Constantly create new visions/opportunities — being in a creative, solution-focused mindset allows you to be more magnetic.

AND… the bonus key: Surround yourself with mentors who can show you how to create your abundant life.

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