12 Small Ways To Travel More This Year

We often trick ourselves into thinking of travel as a big-time event — and the truth is, you’re not always going to have thousands of dollars to fund a plane ticket, hotel room and dozens of meals out. But you are always going to have wanderlust, and there is a way to cure it without breaking the bank or sucking up all your vacation days.

So this year, we resolve to travel more, in smaller ways. A trip doesn’t have to cross continents, span oceans or even leave the house to be a healthy, inspiring adventure that leaves you totally refreshed. Make it a goal to try one of these each month in 2015, and make it your most well-traveled year yet.

1. Spend one night under the stars (in your backyard, at a campground, on the beach… anywhere!).

2. Take an hour-long drive to a different city, and go out to dinner.

3. Plan a weekender at the nearest beach.

4. Roll out the map, point to a country with your eyes closed, and research a traditional meal to cook for dinner.

5. Go to the touristy spots in your hometown… sometimes we forget why they’re famous in the first place.

6. One sunny day, vow to completely unplug and spend every minute outdoors.

7. Make a travel piggy bank, and add your change to it every day.
piggy bank

8. Spend a Sunday in your city’s top-rated Yelp coffee shop.

9. Design a scavenger hunt around your town, and set your friends loose on a Saturday.

10. Take a vacation day, even if you’re not going anywhere (because honestly, we don’t use them enough).

11. Spend the night in a nearby B&B.

12. Go on a local yoga retreat, or treat yourself to a day at the spa. You deserve it!

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