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10 Travel Gadgets to Help You Sleep

by Emily Price, Condé Nast Traveler

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1. PillowFix
Flat hotel pillows won’t be a problem once you’ve got this item in your suitcase. The thin device slides in the back of any pillow case. Inflate it to add perfect amount of extra support to your pillow so you can have a comfortable night’s sleep. ($19.99, Amazon)

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2. GloToSleep
If you have a lot on your mind when you go to bed, then going to sleep can be difficult–if not nearly impossible. Glo To Sleep is a sleep mask that has you focus on blue lights inside the mask, a process based on Eastern meditation techniques that relaxes your mind and helps you drift off to dreamland. ($29.99, Sound Oasis)

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3. Sleeper Scarf
This accessory is actually a slightly different take on the standard travel pillow. For this sleep aid, the “pillow” is worn just like a traditional scarf. An insert can be inflated into a pillow when you need it and deflated or removed when you don’t. ($65, Sleeper Scarf)

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4. Satechi Portable Humidifier
Dry air can make you feel stuffy or give you sinus pain, neither of which will help you get shut-eye. Add moisture to the air in dry climates with your own portable humidifier. All you need to make it work is a bottle of water from the minibar. ($29.99, Amazon)

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5. Marpac Dohm-NSF
The Dohm is the official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. The compact device creates white noise (specifically the sound of rushing air) in your room to block out everything from a drippy faucet to some amorous neighbors. ($49.99, Marpac)

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6. Sleep Genius App
There are a number of sleep apps out there to help you snooze, but Sleep Genius is one of the best. The app has a science-backed relaxation program to get you in the mode for a siesta as well as a Power Nap mode. Use it often, and the app will even help you pick the perfect bedtime. ($4.99, iOS / Android)

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7. BluGuard Nighttime Eyewear
Who knew wearing sunglasses at night could actually help you sleep? Orange-tinted lenses will block out blue light from your TV, computer or tablet that can trick your body into thinking it’s still daytime. That means you can get a little work done before bed without fear it will keep you up all night. ($19.95, Safety Glasses USA)

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8. SleepPhones
Block out street noise or a snoring partner with SleepPhones. The self-described “pajamas for your ears” are comfortable to wear and can double as an eye mask when you need one. ($39.95, SleepPhones)

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9. Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser
A gentle lavender scent might be just the thing you need to fall asleep. A portable aromatherapy diffuser can transform any hotel room in a spa-like Zen experience. ($9.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

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10. NightWave Sleep Assistant
Sometimes, the best thing to help you get to sleep is focusing on something else. The NightWave Sleep Assistant projects a blue light onto your ceiling and asks you to match your breathing to its rhythm. The light gradually slows down over time, gently lulling you to sleep. ($49.95, NightWave)

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