Vin Diesel suggests he may be in Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’

Vin Diesel, can you be a little more “inhumanly” obvious?

The actor may be yanking the Internet’s collective chain, or perhaps he’s just trying to stroke negotiations. Either way, his Facebook page features a photo post that hints about involvement in Marvel’s forthcoming “Inhumans” movie — and has the Web buzzing.

“I Think Vin Diesel May Just Be In The Inhumans Movie,” read a headline on io9.com.  The Facebook picture features Diesel wearing an “Inhumans” T-shirt, standing in front of a graphic reading, “Are you Inhuman?”

It’s no sure thing, of course.  He already has a part in the Marvel universe, that of Groot, the laconic tree-like entity from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and Marvel doesn’t like actors to play more than one role.

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