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Dad’s 911 call: I’ve beaten up my son’s assailant

Daytona Beach police have arrested a man who they say was caught sexually battering a child under 12 years old by the victim’s father.

According to police, Raymond Frolander, 18, is a family member of the victim, and was left in a position of custodial authority by the child’s parents.

Officers responded to a call regarding the sexual battery of a juvenile just after 1 p.m. Friday.

When law enforcement arrived, they spoke with the victim’s father, who told them he walked in and caught Frolander sexually battering his son.

The father told police he took physical action towards Frolander to prevent him from leaving the scene before police could arrive. Police observed Frolander laying on the living room floor with bruises on his face and bleeding from his mouth.

Officers cleared the house, and EVAC personnel transported Frolander to Halifax Medical Center.

Detectives met with the victim, who told them he was playing video games in the apartment with some friends. After his friends left, the boy told police he was alone in the apartment with Frolander.

The child told investigators that Frolander asked him to sit on his lap, and not too much later, took the boy into the back room of the apartment.

According to the police report, Frolander disrobed the child, and began sexually battering the victim. While the attack was taking place, the boy says, his father walked in.

During the forensic interview with the victim, he disclosed that there was a history of past sexual abuse from Frolander. According to the victim, this abuse began at the age of 8 years old.

The defendant was treated and released from Halifax Hospital. After his release, he was interviewed at the Daytona Beach Police Department by detectives.

During the recorded interview, detectives say Frolander admitted that he had a sexual relationship with the victim. According to investigators, at the conclusion of this interview, Frolander stated, “I’m guilty.”

“When you’re 8 years old, you’re supposed to be out running around the street riding your bike, playing ball, playing video games,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood said. “Not worrying when a 15, 16, 17, 18-year-old comes near you, you know what’s going to happen when he comes near you and touches you. You know what’s going to happen when you’re alone with him.”

Police say Frolander has no prior incident on his record as an adult related to sex cases. Frolander was denied bond.


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