First look at The Rock as 'Hercules'

Remember Disney’s adorable animated “Hercules” movie, with its sassy, singing Muses?

Yeah. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new “Hercules” could eat that version for a snack.

This summer, the super-buff actor will portray the storied Greek demigod who, after facing his 12 labors, is sent into battle at the call of the King of Thrace and his daughter.

On Tuesday, we got a first look at the Brett Ratner-directed film, which has all intents on being an action-thriller, complete with slain bodies, a lion face-off and a terrifying hydra.

Just wait – by the end of summer, The Rock’s bellowed “I. Am. Hercules!” will be the new “This is Sparta!”

“Hercules,” which also stars Ian McShane, John Hurt and Irina Shayk, opens July 25.

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